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Back in the early 90s, we used to play a LOT of Palladium stuff, mostly Robotech and Macross II (yes we played Macross II extensively for a few years!) but Rifts also got a fair share of our gaming time. Now I admit myself that Robotech was our favorite game all-around. It was mine for sure!

With Palladium's release of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, I have to admit that my interest in those old campaigns resurfaced. Then as a lucky thing, I was looking through my Warhammer stuff for things I could sell off and BAM! The milk bag I kept my palladium stuff in was there on top of the pile... I opened it and with glee found the now yellowing pages I will be putting on this page!

I scanned the art I could find so it would be kept forever. Nostalgia.

House Rules

  • House Rules Based on a lot of playing.

    Campaign Settings

  • The Andromeda Sector A Robotech: The Sentinels setting.
  • The Giovanni Empire My Macross II setting.
  • The African Zentraedi Army A ragtag warlords army. used with Robotech: Strike Force
  • Tharkad Expanded Macross II setting.
  • New Samarkand Expanded Macross II setting.

    New OCC

  • Tharkadian Elemental
  • Italiani Infantrymen
  • Italiani Mechajock All-purpose Mecha Pilot of the Giovanni Empire.

    New Mecha
    Many of the mecha presented here were created for our Macross II campaign. To increase their use, I expanded them to include Robotech background, but have otherwise not changed any of the numbers.

  • RX-7 multi purpose non-transformable civilian battloid.
  • RX-72 multi purpose non-transformable battloid.
  • RX-75 Corsair multi purpose non-transformable heavy battloid.
  • Locust Mark 1 Cheap, mass-produce salvaged battloid.
  • Locust Mark 2 Small scouting battloid.
  • Vostok Scavenger a non-combat battloid.
  • Tharkadian Elemental One-man power armor.
  • Vibe A battloid with many flaws
  • Warrior multi purpose non-transformable heavy battloid.
  • Wasp high-speed non-transformable flying mecha.

  • Giovanni Assault Shuttle
  • Giovanni Light Combat Shuttle
  • Ishtarian Octo-Tank inspired by the Venus Wars Anime.

  • New exchangeable weapon systems
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