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Army Lists

I first came up with the idea of building an army centered around the final conflicts of Cleopatra VII's reign. Cleopatra ruled over a period of history I really like and own numerous armies for (Romans, Gauls, Illyrian/Thracians, Parthians). I had a few packs of Macedonian / Successor infantry and some Nubian archers. I began thinking about a way to use those minis. Then the idea dawned on me. So I decided to see what an army of Ptolemaic would look like.

I went to look for WAB resources: no army published. I looked through WRG's and DBA books to see what those games had as far as resources. There were some useful tidbits. Then I contacted Jeff Jonas, the author of Alexander the Great for WAB and web master for AncientBattles.com. He pointed me to an army list he published for his yet-unreleased Successor supplement (which has been on my must-buy list since AtG came out). As luck would have it, he was willing to share! I sat down and devoured the list. Immediately I saw a few tweaks to make to it. But I had a basic framework to work up from.

  • (Very) Late Ptolemaic Army list Used for armies around 75BC-30BC. This list officially ends with the Roman takeover of Egypt.

    Sample Army Lists

  • 1,500 pts Brittany for Northern Colorado Gamer's Age of Arthur Weekend Jun 21st 2008
  • 1,895 pts Early Imperial Roman Civil War for Colorado Springs Historical Group's game night on Aug 7th 2008.
  • 1,500 pts Early Imperial Roman vs Germans for Colorado Springs Historical Group's game night on Oct 9th 2008.

    Battle Reports

  • Rome vs Sertorius Late Republic Battle
  • Caesar vs Pompey Early Imperial Roman Civil War
  • Drusus vs Germans Early Imperial Roman vs Germans
  • Age of Arthur Gameday Battle for control of Britain
  • The Spartacian Revolt Early Battle between the slaves and the Republic


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