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When I first heard of Call of Cthulhu it was in very unflattering terms: unbeatable monsters, constant deaths or insanity... What most uninitiated have heard about the game. I had a number of chances to purchase the game but in the end decided not to. Then one day, I found the Call of Cthulhu RPG for 4$ on the second-hand shelves of Le Valet d'Coeur in Montreal. I hesitated no more and got the game. WOW. I was hooked. Horror roleplaying never found a better medium. All my personal attempts at making horror in an RPG had failed, but CoC offered a system where horror was the heart of the game. OH THE JOY.

I have been running Call of Cthulhu games and campaigns on and off since, including running "The Masks of Nyarlathotep" three times (at the time I write this, I am in the middle of running it for the third time and having a blast (again)).

One of my projects is to complete a full campaign for the game, to work with Cthulhu Invictus. I do that on and off as a work on various writing projects.

I love HPL's works and look forward to reading more of his works. I inspire my games a lot on some of the Mythos's novella, though not only HPL's work.

The 2008 release of the Basic RolePlaying System has not dimished my interest in Chaosium and its game system.

Chaosium Characters

  • Here is my character of Pendragon: Sir Erwald.
  • Who's who a list of NPCs
    Cthulhu Invictus Characters
  • Appius Alanicus Priest
  • Gaius Appius Hunter
  • Ivus Finder
  • Stephanus Gladiator
  • Spurius Alexus Vigiles of Herculaneum

    Always been the best program for CoC, Byakhee is a great character generation tool. To give back to the community for the many hours of joy it has provided me, I created this dark ages mod for it.

  • Cthulhu Dark Ages Byakhee Mod to CDA.
        Thanks go to Franck Florentin
  • Byakhee Invictus Byakhee Mod to Imperial Rome. version 1.1

    Mythos Books

  • Tomes about the List of Tomes created or written for my pseudo-campaign.
  • Le Seigneur des Abysses *Francais*
  • Le Parchemin de Lord Stanfield *Francais*
  •    The Scroll Drawn in 1999, did not survive my daughter
  • Les cultes de fertilite d'Amerique du Nord:une approche comparative *Francais*

    Various files

  • The Ten Commandments of Cthulhu Hunting Taken from Chasium
  • Review of The Ravenar Saga A Miskatonic University Monograph


  • Various newspapers headlines
  • Items from the Complete Masks of Nyarlathotep Campaign from the first group that went through
  • The Auction Handout A program for my PCs. Based on the adventure "The Auction" found in "Cthulhu Casebook".
  • The Alaskan Expedition A PBEM writeout. This is only part 2 as I can't find the rest.
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