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JP Chapleau's News & Updates

Last noteworthy updates

01/29/2015    Relic Knights: Darkspace Candy
01/29/2015    [Rant] JP vs PFS Core Campaign
01/25/2015    Sunday Funnies: Ork Power Grab
01/24/2015    Battle For Gytha: Tracking battle progress and play-testing
01/21/2015    An honest shot: JP tries 5e
01/17/2015    New adventure: Need of the Many
01/14/2015    Legacies: Adding new races?
01/12/2015    Cryx Monday: Commissioned Harrower
01/10/2015    WIP: Primidian Knight Model
01/09/2015    Real Life: No longer the Kentuckian... Kinda... Ish

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